Thinking about expanding your outdoor space? Here are a few things to consider beforehand.

Proper planning is crucial to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. When you begin designing your new outdoor patio it’s important to consider the design implications each new product integration will have on the overall design. As you start gathering inspiration, start thinking about what kind of elements you will need to include in order to have your patio work to your benefit.


1- Get Input Before You Build

There is no such thing as being too prepared. Coming into the process with a clear plan makes the process simpler for all parties involved. If you are thinking about integrating products from multiple companies into your design, it is important to receive quotes and building requirements from each company. Not only will this allow you to budget correctly but it will also allow you and your builder to seamlessly incorporate these products into the design without having to make too many modifications down the road.

Screening Solution’s owner, Bob Hennis, works with many builders and their clients to seamlessly integrate screens into new builds. When homeowners plan ahead, it eliminates many on-site modifications and improves the efficiency of the process. For example, builders may need to modify the design in order to recess the screens, add a column in the design, or even slightly modify the column. When implementing retractable patio screens, Screening Solutions takes into account your patio’s exact measurements, structure type, electrical layout, direction of the sun, and climate to ensure we provide a perfectly tailored solution to every new patio. This is why it’s important to get input from every company you plan on working with.


2- Find the Purpose

Before you begin your designing process, identify the purpose your outdoor space will serve. Are you looking to include outdoor cooking and dining, need shade from direct sunlight, or need increased patio privacy? These are the types of design concepts you will need to look into prior to starting the process. Consider how each element of your design will make your space feel. By understanding exactly how your patio will serve your needs, you can choose furniture and other elements that will not only look good but will also add value and purpose to your space.


3- Plan Your Budget 

Adding on to your home is a big project and when it comes to budget, you want to make sure you’re on the same page as your builder. Be prepared and estimate how much you will be spending by getting quotes from local companies beforehand. Be aware that there may be unforeseen costs and be sure to factor them in as well. Outline what a reasonable budget for you is and discuss that with your builder before you get started.


Now you are ready to start designing your perfect outdoor oasis! Patios are a great way to increase your home’s value and enjoy the outdoors. Here at Screening Solutions, we are committed to providing you with the perfect screening solution tailored for your home. If you are considering building or are in the process now, contact us today. We are here to walk you through each step of integrating our screens into your patio’s design.

Need some patio inspiration? Check out our project gallery to see some beautiful patio designs integrated with our retractable and permanent screens.