Screens for Extra Large Openings

Open Your Home to Fresh Air

Leave your multi-panel wall system wide open to enjoy the fresh air without letting bugs in. Phantom’s manual wall screens for oversized openings will disappear out of sight when not in use, never compromising your home’s style or view. Fitting a variety of openings and offered in a large selection of meshes, these retractable door screens are perfect for any oversized openings.

Phantom XL Wall Screen on a bi-fold door on a balcony.

Made Custom to Your Home

Our retractable wall screens are perfect for any extra-large opening and fit a variety of styles including oversized & double doors and lift & slide door systems. Mount the housing unit to one side and guide the screen across until it latches into place or have the option of a double screen unit by mounting two units, one to either side, to meet together in the middle. These screens can cover openings as large as 24 feet wide.


The mesh is completely secured in along the track keeping small pets in and bugs out. Have peace of mind knowing your screen is secure during breezy conditions and will last you many seasons to come. Designed for quality and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Phantom Retractable XL Screen is custom made for the twelve foot wide door opening.


This manual screen retracts away into its housing unit when not needed, blending into your home’s décor. We offer customizable stopping points anywhere along the door’s track making entry and exit easy.