Retractable screens are hot in the home design market right now and it seems as if everyone wants one but not everyone wants to dish out the money for one. Those build-it yourself screen door kits you can find at home good stores may seem like a more affordable option however you pay for what you get. Here are a few reasons why it is well worth the extra $$ to invest in quality retractable screens that will serve you many, many seasons.

1  –  Repairs Are on You

It may seem like a good idea at the time to be economical to install your own screen door however it will get old quick. With the normal wear and tear a screen door endures, regular maintenance can be a big deal. Repairing and replacing the mesh on your door will become an expensive job you don’t want to do.

By going with one of our professional installers we take care of the initial installation as well as any repairs you may need in the future. Our installers are well trained and can handle any number of issues your screen door may have. Not to mention, our doors come with a warranty as well, possibly saving you money in the long run. With a little routine maintenance our screens will last years to come, saving you the headache.

2 –  No Room for Customization

The great thing about retractable screens is their ability to blend into your home’s décor. Retractable screens are great for any area of your home with one of the most popular area being front doors. Our screens are great for boosting curb appeal and never take away from your home’s aesthetic. However, when considering a screen door kit, if you have a non-standard door color then you just may be out of luck with the limited color selection they offer.

Not only do we offer ten signature colors, but we also offer exact color matches and wood grain finishes. This ensures that your screen door will perfectly blend into your home décor, giving you the best screening solution possible.

3  – One Size Does Not Fit All

The tricky thing with screen kits is that they only come in limited sizing options. This may be fine if your door happens to fit the exact size offered but if it’s not, those kits will do you no good. They leave no room to customize your door to your home unique measurements.

Interested in a retractable screen for a patio door?  Have a door that swings out instead of in?  Good luck finding a DIY kit that will work for these types of doors. Most DIY kits are meant for standard inswing doors, with no way to easily modify them to work on outswing doors.

This is one of the great benefits to having your screen door professionally installed. Phantom’s retractable screens fit every type of door. When our installers come out, they take measurements and build your screen door that day, on-site, exactly to your door’s measurements.

4 – Quality Means Longevity

Sometimes it makes sense to go the alternate less expensive route, but not when it comes to home improvement. When investing in a screen door you want to make sure you can rely on that screen for years to come. Investing in a quality, professionally installed Phantom Retractable Screen will look great, boost home value, and operate smoothly for the long haul.

A Phantom retractable door is a door you can always rely on.